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Izote Inks for Photogravure, Heliograbado, by

Tintas Para Grabado Artesanales
Molidas manualmente de gran delicadeza y amplio rango tonal

IZOTE INKS are non-toxic inks made from a classic oleo-resinous copperplate varnish and natural earth pigments. They are highly pigmented inks with exceptional tonal range and density, especially well-suited to printing fine aguatints and photogravure.
Hand made in Mexico

The inks are available in 5 colors and transparency base.
Inks are listed from warm to cool.

• Umber-bone black is our most popular very warm tone black, “El Vaquerito.” (The Cowboy)
• Bone Black is more transparent and warm ink (NOT PICTURED)
• French black, a traditional blend of frankfort and bone black pigments, is a slightly warmer, creamy dense black ink.
Vine black is a cooler, looser black ink.
• Graphite, very dense, slightly metallic, made with pure graphite. (not pictured)

• Transparent Base

All the inks have exceptional tonal range and can be extended for images requiring more transparent bases.

For comparison sake, a large can of 200 ml. Charbonnel weighs about 20 grams less than the 300g can of Izote.

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