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March 13, 2013 I recently decided to try building a contact printing frame for exposing photogravure tissue and photo etching plates in the sun. The frame could be used for photopolymer plates or other contact printing processes as well. This frame would enable me to be more mobile with plate processing and possibly workshops. The frame works great for getting very tight and even pressure all over. This is the way the first photogravures were exposed in the mid-late 1800s. Thanks to my Dad for his help and letting me use his shop to build this.

My initial Stouffer tests are too long but I can use the results to calculate the correct exposure. I don't normally do Stouffer wedges alongside my images but if I was using this contact frame exclusively I would. This way minor adjustments could be made throughout the seasons based on recent results. I photographed this Sago palm last summer and it is the first image I have expoosed and etched with the contact frame.

Designed by Jennifer Page after the Scovill design pictured in the Henry R. Blaney book Photogravure 1895. All rights reserved 2013-2023

Puretch InfoJennifer PageJennifer Page - OwnerPhotogravure PapersPhotogravurePhotogravure PlatesCape Fear Press