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NEW Izote Ink Flavor Lamp Black & #3 Agate Burnishers!

'The Cave'
by Jennifer Page. Dustgrain photogravure printed with Izote Lamp Black on Sukiawase gampi, image 8.5 x 11.5" © all rights reserved

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Cape Fear Press is a privately owned contemporary photogravure and photo-etching printmaking studio located in Southeast North Carolina. Jennifer Page, the owner of CFP is an artist dedicated to non toxic, less toxic and technical innovations in the field of fine art photo etching and photogravure on copper. Cape Fear Press formulated the Puretch Photopolymer etching process for fine art photo etching. Puretch is a high resolution photopolymer etch resist for traditionally etched metal plate intaglio printmaking, PCB photo circuit boards and jewelry. Cape Fear Press has also tested and distributes the new Phoenix Gravure carbon tissue for photogravure. Cape Fear Press was established in 2001 and has been supplying Puretch Photopolymer to artists since then. Puretch is the ideal high-res halftone resist for combining digital imagery with traditional plate working and etching techniques all within the same plate


PURETCH (pronounced Pure - Etch)
For searchability,
Puretch photopolymer is also commonly misspelled as Purtech, Pure-Etch or Puretech. The name originates from the purist who prefers to etch the plate.

Cape Fear Press will ship anywhere in the world if you prefer to order directly.

We are seeking international distributors outside of Europe, please contact us if you are interested and already selling products for printmaking.

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Espanol: la película del polímero de la foto resiste para el cobre y los metales de la aguafuerte, heliograbado

Deutsch: Fotoplastikfilm widerstehen für Radierungskupfer und -metalle

Italiano: la pellicola del polimero della foto resiste a per il rame ed i metalli acquaforte

Nederlands: de film van het fotopolymeer verzet tegenzich voor etskoper en metalen

Francais: le film de polymère de photo résistent pour le cuivre et les métaux gravure à l'eau-forte

Russian: пленка полимера фото сопротивляет для меди и металлов вытравливания



Puretch Photopolymer

The name Cape Fear is what the region here is referred to and the river that empties into the Atlantic on the point of a Cape that is named the same.

From Chronicles of the Cape Fear River 1660-1916 by James Sprunt
"Looking then to the Cape for the idea and reason of its name, we find that it is the southern most point of Smith's Island - a naked, bleak, elbow of sand, jutting far out into the ocean. Immediately in its front are the Frying Pan Shoals, pushing out still farther, twenty miles, to sea. Together they stand for warning and for woe; and together they catch the long majestic roll of the Atlantic as it sweeps through a thousand miles of grandeur and power from the arctic towards the Gulf. It is the playground of billows and tempests, the kingdom of silence and awe, disturbed by no sound save the seagull's shriek and the breakers' roar. Its whole aspect is suggestive, not of repose and beauty, but of desolation and terror. Imagination can not adorn it. Romance can not hallow it. Local pride can not soften it. There it stands today, bleak, and threatening, and pitiless, as it stood three hundred years ago, when Greenville and White came nigh unto death upon its sands. And there it will stand, bleak, and threatening, and pitiless, until the earth and the sea shall give up their dead. And, as its nature, so its name, is now, always has been, and always will be, the Cape of Fear


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