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Nov. 2023: A Photogravure Pigment Paper System, Planning for Future What-Ifs

Cape Fear Press has been supplying photogravure gelatin papers since 2008. I first began supplying small rolls of Autotype G35 to make this product more accessible to artists as the full length rolls sold by MacDermid were too cost prohibitive to most artists wanting to get acquainted with the photogravure process. Unfortunately all Autotype gravure papers were discontinued in late 2009 due to the digitization of most all rotogravure cylinder engraving. In 2010 I began supplying Phoenix Gravure and in 2012 I added another pigment paper called Dragon Gravure. For 10 years there were two options available for photogravure with directions written specifically for flat-plate fine art photogravure based on my extensive testing. In 2022 I received the unfortunate news that the Dragon Gravure paper could no longer be manufactured. This was not due to the digitization of rotogravure this time but directly due to the widespread damaging financial impacts that the pandemic has had on small businesses worldwide.

Another potential gravure paper extinction event has always loomed in the back of my mind, especially since 2022 and I have been preparing ever since. Today I would like to state that IF the Phoenix Gravure paper ever faces the same demise, I already have a solid photogravure paper system in place that my customers can apply. Please know that I see absolutely zero signs that the Phoenix Gravure paper will face the same fate any time soon, I simply want to let you all know that you will not be left hanging if that dreaded event were to occur.

This project began in mid 2022 with extensive research and development and consisted of 99% failure. Everything finally fell into place on the summer solstice of 2023 a full year later. I have tested around 50 substrates, numerous hues and colorants, several grades and blooms of gelatin and more than 80 gelatin coating recipes so far. I finally arrived at what I think is the best combination of ingredients and process for a hand made gravure paper. This system will be continuously fine tuned until it needs to be released. In the meantime it is exponentially easier and more efficient to use Phoenix Gravure which produces excellent results.

Please stay tuned and I thank you kindly for your business and support over the years!
Jennifer Page

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Puretch InfoJennifer PageJennifer Page - OwnerPhotogravure PapersPhotogravurePhotogravure PlatesCape Fear Press