From Venus

Jennifer Page
16" x 20"

photo etching on copper

This image is a digital collage using an photo of an image off the TV, a photo taken by myself of venus flytraps (that only grow in this section of the world) and an image of a fly off the internet. All the images were imported into photoshop, and assembled in layers. The flytraps and the face were merged to one layer and the curves were reduced and it was printed as a 600 dpi bitmap with an Epson 3000 at 1440 dpi on transparency. The fly images were more linear and were printed separately with no reduction of levels and printed at the highest resolution without applying the bitmap screening. For both transparencies, the printer resolution was 1440 dpi. The plate was coated with Puretch photopolymer film, and first exposed with the flytraps and face transparency, developed and etched with ferric. Then the plate was coated with Puretch again and the fly transparency was exposed and etched for a longer time than the previous images. Some moto engraving (Dremel tool) was done after etching to fill in some areas that needed darkening.

cape fear press