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2nd Annual Big Print Block

The mission of this event was to give a group of local artists the opportunity to make large scale prints together while demonstrating to the public the relief printmaking process and the art of making original prints. Two internationally known artists from Cannonball Press in NYC were also invited to participate. Mike Houston and Martin Mazorra are masters of the medium so this gave the other artists a unique opportunity to work alongside them. All of the artists got to share their skills and ideas with each other and the public to further enhance our experiences with art and life.

Kids Making It was present giving woodworking demonstrations to the public with their lathes and routers.
Gyotaku: Japanese fish printing for the kids courtesy of local author Virginia Holman.

Media: Featured in the Star News May 14, Island Gazette May 20, ECU Revue Summer 2009 and WILMA Magazine August 2009.

Print Info: All of the Big Prints are approximately 4x8 feet and were printed with a steamroller and Graphic Chemical relief ink on a tight weave 45% hemp/55% organic cotton muslin. Each artist printed 1-3 prints from each block. All prints are unique because of the variations associated with the steamrolling printing process. The prints pictured are of the best impressions pulled that day. Cannonball Press printed small editions of their blocks on canvas with an etching press in 2008, these prints are considered 'perfect' and are available through Cannonball Press.
No other prints are planned to be printed from these blocks.

Event Photos
Print Gallery
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Big Print Block Party ~

All prints are available for purchase through Cape Fear Press and may be viewed by appointment. Please call Jennifer Page at 910-458-4647
Cape Fear Press will retain a 40% commission which will help cover the Big Print Block Party production costs and organization.

Cape Fear Press wants to thank all our sponsors for their contributions to help make Big Print Block Party Art Festival a success!
We are seeking sponsors for May 22, 2010, please contact us if you would like to be a part.

Puretch InfoJennifer PageJennifer Page - OwnerPhotogravure PapersPhotogravurePhotogravure PlatesCape Fear Press