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We are now ofering UV densitomery services. Accurate UV densitometry for calibrating your contact printing process is done on our X-Rite 361T densitometer. Ortho readings are also available. Priced for 11 steps, 21 steps and 51 steps. Please print out two IDENTICAL wedges that you need tested. Steps should be no smaller than 1/4" square. Send us one of the wedges in the mail in a rigid light tight envelope and retain the other for your reference. We will e-mail you the densities and will keep the printed wedge for our records. Please indicate on your film which type of reading you need, UV or Ortho. Testing in both modes will double the step tests and cost.

Please use these calibrated wedge links below for printing densitometry test wedges.
Mail them to: 610 Atlanta Ave Carolina Beach NC 28428

Photogravure Plates
Gravures can be made using our own analog aquatint screen or PICCO dustgrain, dustgrain costs extra because of time involved.
Turnaround: Normally 3-4 weeks upon reception of the image and approval.
Payment: Due immediately upon approval of plate and proof.
Steel facing of the plates is optional and extra but highly recommended.
Photogravure platemaking includes copper and 2 proofs. Editioning services also available.
Please contact for a quote. Please make sure to include full name, address, telephone and small jpeg previews of images you are interested in using. All images must be authorized for etching and printing by the artist.

Muhammad Ali: A dustgrain photogravure plate that I made for photographer John Shearer. The edition was printed by the Center of Contemporary Printmaking in New Haven, CT. Photogravure 2012 John Shearer

Download 21 Step Wedge
Download 51 Step Wedge

Digital Inkjet Positives for Photogravure 13x19"
I can make digital films from your file using my QuadtoneRIP settings and our lightfast dye based grayscale inkset that are designed specifically for continuous tone transparencies.

When printing with these settings I don't make any adjustments to your image as this is too subjective and should already be done by you. You should adjust your file to look good on your monitor while using Gray Gamma 2.2 and as you would like to see the final print. This will be printed with our custom profile for photogravure.

Printed Transparency: $45.00 plus $8.00 for S&H in THE US.
Several images can be ganged up on one file. Images sent seperately will be billed as a separate film.
• Make sure to leave room for adding safe edges or add them to your file with a .3" black border around your image.
Don't forget to flip your image horizontally so it wll print from the gravure plate in the correct orientation.

File requirements:
Max Printable area is 12.5 x 16.5"
360 dpi grayscale TIFF
Image must be flattened, no layers
Image must be flipped horizontal for correct printing orientation
Files can be sent via
e-mail, please send no more than 2 per e-mail.
Please include mailing address and telephone number so we can call you about credit card payment.


Technical Consultations are available for QuadtoneRIP, photogravure and photo etching
Our hourly rate is $120 and $30 per quarter hour. Daily rate is $960 for 8 hours. This can be by phone and/or e-mail.


Steel Facing of Copper Etching Plates
I can steel face copper plates up to 16 x 16". The steel I use is a super low carbon steel that will ensure a very bright plating. The square inch price is $0.50 with a $120 minimum per plate. Normal turn around time is 2 business days from receiving to shipping. 24 hour rush jobs cost $25 extra per plate. Normal plate cleaning is included, excessively dirty plates may incur a cleaning fee.
Please pack your plate in sturdy wrapping which will be used for the return and also include a prepaid return label with insurance. Contact Cape Fear Press.

Puretch InfoJennifer PageJennifer Page - OwnerPhotogravure PapersPhotogravurePhotogravure PlatesCape Fear Press