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Each purchase of Phoenix or Dragon Gravure papers includes one free troubleshooting consult. Further assistance is available by consultation.

Please provide me with all of the following information possible so I can quickly find the source and cause(s) of your problem. This list includes almost every significant variable that can lead to issues in gravure. The cause of a problem can sometimes originate where you least expect it. Without keeping track of all this data it is impossible for me or you to triangulate the source of a problem, especially in a process with so many variables. Successful gravure starts with thorough note taking and learning how to troubleshoot. It is very important that you be accurate with the info you provide. The info and images you send to us will be kept strictly confidential.

Please copy and paste th
e below text and info into an e-mail.

Your name and contact info:

Phoenix or Dragon Gravure Tissue:
Order number and/or purchase date:

Sensitizer %:
Sensitizing date:
Age or use of sensitizer:
Sensitizing time and temperature:
Tray or Brush sensitized:
Tissue conditioning time and RH%:
Sensitized tissue storage method: freezer, refrigerator or unchilled:

What type of screen or dustgrain was used?
If dustgrain was used, is it applied under or over the gelatin?
Exposure time for screen:
Exposure time for image, and please provide Stouffer wedge image if possible:
Vacuum pressure for image exposure:
Density of highlight and shadow (if known):
Exposure unit and lamp wattage (if known):
Exposure date:

Gelatin transfer solution, time and temp:
Transfer method:
Developing method:
Developing water temperature:

Drying alcohol(s) used %:
Time in alcohol:
Is alcohol % checked with an alcohol hydrometer?
Drying method:
Relative Humidity at time of drying:
Type of hygrometer used to measure RH%:

Plate conditioning RH %:
Etching date or time between resist development and etching:
Ferric Temp:

List Baumes used in the exact order used with time in each Baume:
Baume and time that shadows began etching:
Total time of actual etching (not counting time it took etch to fully begin):

Was ferric chloride purchased as a pure solution or mixed from crystals? If solution, what brand name?
Mix date or approximate use of ferric solutions:

When was the last time ferric baths were treated for free acids?

escribe issue(s) in as much detail as possible:

Please include high res photo(s) of the tissue, resist, plate and/or proof that shows the problem clearly:



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