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621N4Th in Wilmington, NC Presents Within Without, a two person exhibition with photogravures by Jennifer Page and assemblages by Quentin Warshauer. 2011

These photogravures were all made in 2010-2011 by Jennifer Page. The image sizes are all approximately 8.5 x 11.5" or 5 x 7"*. Most all are dustgrain photogravures using Picco resin except for Palm, Puffer and Haleakala Silversword. These three were made using an aquatint screen. All plates were etched using Phoenix Gravure gelatin paper. Please contact here about print purchasing.

Read more at the Wilmington StarNews, Exhibit Explores Opposite Ends of Human Experience and A Look Back at 10 Local Art Triumphs (see #5)
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Puretch InfoJennifer PageJennifer Page - OwnerPhotogravure PapersPhotogravurePhotogravure PlatesCape Fear Press