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Nov 29, 2023 News: Take a peek at what I have been working on since the Dragon Gravure paper went extinct last year. Click the Monstera print below.


August 2023 New Products: I have aquatint screens available again. I designed these screens to emulate the grain of my previous analogue screens. I am also happy to share that we have synthetic aquatint resin back in stock. I also have a 3mm thicker woven blanket that can be used as a pusher blanket, pair this with the 2mm blanket we sell or the 1 mm and you have a perfect pair of blankets for photogravure. Click here for info and ordering.


Cape Fear Press is a privately owned contemporary photogravure and photo-etching printmaking studio located in Carolina Beach, North Carolina which is just a 30 min. ride from ILM International Airport in Wilmington. Jennifer Page, the owner of CFP is an artist dedicated to less toxic and technical innovations in the field of fine art photogravure and photo etching on copper. Cape Fear Press formulated the Puretch Photopolymer etching process for fine art photo etching in 2001. Puretch is a high resolution photopolymer etch resist for traditionally etched metal plate intaglio printmaking. Since 2010 Cape Fear Press has also thoroughly tested, written processing guides for, and distributes the newer Phoenix Gravure and Dragon Gravure gelatin pigment tissues for photogravure. One aim here is to preserve and keep the authentic process of photogravure as it was invented by Talbot and Klic in 1879 via education and cutting-edge technical reasearch and developments. A photogravure is the result of a transmutation of the following metals: Ag, Cr, Hg, Fe and Cu.


Cape Fear Press was established in 2001 and has been supplying specialized and hard to find materials for photographic etching and intaglio processes since then.



'Monstera' photogravure made with my new aquatint screen and hand made gravure paper. 2023


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Puretch InfoJennifer PageJennifer Page - OwnerPhotogravure PapersPhotogravurePhotogravure PlatesCape Fear Press