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November 2014 I spent 2 weeks at the No Boundaries INternational Artist Residency on Bald Head Island, NC. I shot 8x10 pinhole photos and made 5 photogravures from these pinhole photographs. The gravure gelatin tissue was exposed in the sun just as early photogravures were made in a Scovil type contact frame, shown right. Click here for more info and images.


Building and testing a Scovill type contact printing frame for photogravure. This was used to make the photogravures at the No Boundaries Residency above. Click printing frame for more info and images.


621N4TH gallery presents Within Without, a 2 person exhibition of photogravure and assemblage
33 photogravures by Jennifer Page 2011


The Carolina Bays, An Unsolved Mystery of Cosmic Proportion

Jennifer Page

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Big Print Block Party 2009 and 2010 Photos


The Carolina Bays copper plate photo etchings by Jennifer Page
12"x9" plate printed on Rives BFK Click image to view all prints

Four Landscapes
oil on board 4'2" x 6'8"' framed
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Tide Series
Photo etching, image area 10.5" x 13.75", 18 " x 22" framed
$1800 for series

Academics always teach that the moon pulls the tides. Typical illustrations always show an ellipse of water surrounding the earth with the bulge closest to and opposite of the moon. In fact the opposite is true, when you stand on the beach with moon at its zenith, it is always low tide or pretty close to it. When the moon is on the horizon, setting or rising, it is always near high tide.

Transmutation Series click tower to view all 9
These original etchings are photo etched in copper. The tower image is etched in one plate that is inked and printed. The geometric patterns are deep etched on separate plates and printed second without ink, embossing the patterns in the paper. The embossing does not go behind the towers. Each tower has its own pattern.

Printed in editions of 25
Rives BFK paper
Image 12” x 19.375” 2005
Price on request

Etchings by Jennifer Page all rights reserved
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Puretch InfoJennifer PageJennifer Page - OwnerPhotogravure PapersPhotogravurePhotogravure PlatesCape Fear Press